The Falcon Eyes MPS-900Pro is a Generator which is suitable for both AC as DC. You can use the generator everywhere in the world with continuous light. It is equipped with a 110V output and a 230V output. The AC output has a maximum of 500W (230V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz), the DC output has a maximum of 120W(12V, 10A).

The MPS-900Pro is the portable generator for all your outdoor shoots, in the meantime you can even charge your phone, laptop or any other electric device. It will last approximately 9 hours if you are using standard 100W LED light. Fully charging the generator will take 10 hours. With the 5 LED indicators you can immediately see the status of your generator.

Falcon Eyes Power Station MPS-900Pro 900Wh

SKU: 290699