The Falcon Eyes Power Supply SP-AC15-5A 3 Pin is a separate power supply that you can use with various Falcon Eyes LED lights. It consists of a 3-pin connector cable, power adapter and power cable with mains connection (EU type). You can use the SP-AC15-5A as a spare part if, for example, you have lost your power cable or would like to have an extra power supply. You can use the SP-AC15-5A in combination with the Falcon Eyes RX-TD and Sophies series (see optional accessories).

• Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
• Output: 15VDC 5A

Two versions

There are two versions of this power supply. As standard we supply the new version, which is suitable for controllers with the sticker below. This sticker is located on both the controller and power supply. Do you have a different sticker on your controller/power supply? Or is there no sticker at all? Please mention this in the remarks. An incorrect power supply can damage your equipment. If in doubt, you may send a picture of the sticker to

Falcon Eyes Power Supply SP-AC15-5A 3 Pin

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