The Falcon Eyes RF-A2416 is a universal wireless trigger set that works at 2.4 Ghz, especially designed for the Falcon Eyes Studio Flashes from the SS-D series and Linkstar Flashes from the MT-D series. The universal trigger can be used with other flashes as well, as longa s they use a C7 power cable. Other flash units can simultaneously flash through their own built-in slave receiver, but you can also use optional extra receivers.

Possibilities Falcon Eyes RF A2416-8

The triggerset has 16 different channels so you are very flexibel when shooting large projects. The transmitter fits on any camera except cameras from Sony and Minolta. For these cameras you will need an adapter (see "Optional Accessories"). The receiver is mounted between the power cord and studio flash.

The receiver from the RF-A2416-8 is suitable for for power cables with C7 connection.

This triggerset is not compatible with:

Falcon Eyes Radio Trigger Set RF-A2416-8 for SS-D

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