The Falcon Eyes RF-D3HS Wireless Radio Trigger Set provides you with greater flexibility in the studio or on location. The RF-D3HS is shaped like a joystick and can be used in conjunction with your speedlite to illuminate the object you wish to photograph, from different angles and distances. The top of the RF-D3HS can be rotated approximately 270 degrees and is equipped with 3 hotshoe connections, making it possible to use up to 3 speedlites at once. Further, the RF-D3HS is equipped with an umbrella holder, making it especially suitable for product and portrait photography.

The RF-D3HS joystick is completely wireless and can be positioned as you desire. The included transmitter is simply placed onto the cameras hotshoe adapter and the speedlite is mounted on 1 of the 3 hotshoe connections on the RF-D3HS. The RF-D3HS is equipped with a built-in receiver, which enables the speedlite to react to the camera.

The RF-D3HS is equipped with a spirit level and uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) to power the transmitter.

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Falcon Eyes Radio Trigger Set RF-D3HS

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