The Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 is a compact, multifunctional LED solution that allows you to determine the perfect light in all respects. The LED lamp is adjustable in colour composition, colour temperature and intensity. In addition, the RGB lamp has an internal battery and a built-in magnet, with which you can quickly and easily attach the lamp to metal surfaces, such as pillars. This makes the PockeLite the convenient, portable solution to use in your studio or on your camera!

The lamp is equipped with 96 small LED lights, which together provide a power of 12 watts. The light output of 4,060 lux (at 0.3 metres) offers more than enough light in every situation. Because of the high CRI value of 97, you can always count on natural colours. You can set the colour temperature yourself from 2500K (warm white light) to 5600K (daylight) and 9000K (bright blue light), and everything in between. In addition, you can also determine the lamp's output yourself. Would you like the colour composition to be slightly different? No problem. The Falcon Eyes lamp has an RGB mode, with which you can mix the colours yourself to the desired colour. The F7 also has pre-programmed settings with gel filters from Rosco and Lee.

Other interesting features are the 16 special light effects that you can use. Think for example of cop flashing lights, lightning or colored flashlight. These effects are stored in the internal memory, all have their own number and are therefore easy to select. The different settings are displayed on the clear OLED display on the back.

Usage Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7

To use the lamp, you must first charge it using the supplied USB-C charging cable. When fully charged, the internal li-ion battery has a service life of approximately one hour (measured with continuous use at full power). Through the 1/4" female thread you can connect the RBG lamp to any common tripod. Through the included cold-shoe adapter you can also attach the F7 to your camera. Finally, you can also attach the lamp to metal surfaces, because of the internal magnetic strip. If you want to soften the light or steer more, you can optionally use a diffuser and honeycomb (see optional accessories).

PockeLite F7 operating modes

• CCT mode: brightness and color temperature (2,500K-9,000K)
• RGB mode: create each colour yourself
• HSI mode: colour tint, saturation and intensity (0 to 100%)
• Filter mode: 20 Rosco filters and 20 Lee filters
• Theme mode: 16 choices, e.g. flashing lights, lightning, coloured flashlight, candle light

Falcon Eyes RGB LED Lamp PockeLite F7 incl. Battery

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