The DS-811 from Falcon Eyes is a professional LED lamp with unprecedented possibilities. The metal housing accommodates 560 LEDs with a total power of 200W. The full visible colour spectrum can be displayed, from 2.800K to 10.000K. On the front of the DS-811 is a diffusion plate, which provides an extremely soft light. The amount of light emitted by the DS-811 is very impressive. The size of the DS-811 is 49.5 x 47 x 23.5 cm (LxWxD). The controller and power supply are built into the DS-811, so you only need to connect a universal power cable. The CRI value of 95 ensures natural colours. A lux value (light output) of 23,400 per half meter offers more than enough light in many circumstances. The light is flicker-free, so you can use it for both photos and videos. The DS-811 runs on mains power and one 26V v-mount batterie (see optional accessories).

5 different modes

Through the menu and the smartphone you can control the DS-811 with five different modes:

- CCT mode: brightness and colour temperature (2800K-10.000K)
- RGB mode: set any color (from 0 to 255)
- HSI mode: colour tint, saturation and intensity (0 to 100%)
- Filter mode: 20 Rosco filters and 20 Lee filters
- Theme mode: flashing lights, candlelight, thunderstorms (adjustable speed)

DS-811 driving

With an iPhone or Android smartphone you can control the DS-811. Bluetooth 5.0 is used for this purpose. Nearly all light settings can be controlled on the DS-811. The iPhone app can be found here. It is also possible to operate the DS-811 using the DMX512 protocol.

Usage DS-811

If you work in a studio and are looking for a universal light source, the DS-811 is indispensable. In addition to an infinitely adjustable cold and warm light, all the colours of the rainbow can also be set. The brightness is also infinitely adjustable. Furthermore, the DS-811 can imitate the colour of ROSCO and LEE gel filters. There are special modes for the film industry, with which you can simulate police beacons, candlelight and thunderstorms. All are adjustable in tempo and brightness. If there are new features or improvements in the future, it is possible to update the firmware of the DS-811. This is possible with the smartphone app. The DS-811 has a built-in cooling fan, which is very quiet. Also, it only switches on when needed. At a distance of half a meter, the DS-811 produces a sound of 33.5 dB.

Falcon Eyes RGB LED Panel Desal DS-811 30x30 cm

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