The Falcon Eyes FLC-65 + TMB-20Z Fluorescent Ring Lamp provides a continuous light output of 65W, which has a power comparability of 350W. The color temperature is 5500 Kelvin, better known as daylight. The ring lamp can be easily mounted on a universal light stand or photography accessory which is equipped with a spigot adapter. The ring lamp can be used in conjunction with a shooting table to spread the light evenly across small object to create product photos without shadow. Additionally, the FLC-65 is delivered with a camera bracket, a telephone holder is not included. This allows you to mount your camera behind the ring lamp in order to place your camera lens through the middle of the opening. In doing so, you are able to spread the light evenly over the object you are photographing.

The opening of the ring lamp is a spacious 36cm. The ring lamp works on 230V and is not dimmable.

Usage FLC-65+TMB-20Z

The ring lamp (CRI 90) is great in situations where you want to capture the subject on a beautiful, natural way. Think about portraits, beautyshoots and food. When capturing people, the ring lamp creates a beautiful circular reflection in the eyes.

Falcon Eyes Ring Lamp FLC-65 65W + TMB-20Z

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