The Falcon Eyes RFL-3 90W Ring Light is equipped with 3 lights with a capacity of 22W, 28W and 40W. Due to its strong, lightweight (1.6kg) and stylish design, the RFL-3 is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography.

As shown in the 4th photo, the RFL-3 is equipped with a removable camera bracket. This camera bracket allows you to mount your camera behind the ring lamp in order to place your camera lens through the middle of the opening. In doing so, you are able to spread the light evenly over the object you are photographing. The opening in the middle of the ring lamp is suitable for a 102mm wide lens. The RFL-3 also comes with a diffuse cloth, which minimizes reflection and shadows by distributing the light evenly. Additionally, the RFL-3 comes with a CLD-15 tilting bracket, allowing you to tilt the ring lamp into the right place.

The lamps produce very little heat and therefore make the ring lamp suitable for extended photography and/or videography. Further, the 3 lamps can be turned on and off separately, allowing you to adjust the strength of the light emitted.


The ring lamp is great in situations where you want to capture the subject on a beautiful, natural way. Think about portraits, beautyshoots and food. When capturing people, the ring lamp creates a beautiful circular reflection in the eyes.

Falcon Eyes Ring Light RFL-3 90W

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