The Falcon Eyes LED Lamp Set LPL-S2802T-K2 (56W) is one of the MIRR collection series, and inherits slim and light weight as main characteristics. The lights (56W each) have 512 LED lights each and are well protected under the metal housing. The lamps have a color temperature of 5600K, and they are provided with a diffuser plate and high CRI (95), what makes them very suitable for portrait photography. The lamps have a 100 degree beam angle.

The controller can adjust the power output steplessly. The LPL-S2802T lamps can be used with V mount battery (not included) or AC power. The set includes two LPL-S2802T lamps and a robust carrying bag. 

New S-generation

The LED lamp uses a special filter, which makes the individual LEDs invisible. The light will spread out as one soft haze. You can compare this to the light of the sun, which is spread by the clouds. We call this natural light.

Falcon Eyes Soft LED Lamp Kit LPL-S2802T-K2 2x56W

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