The RX-SB48HC set consists of a softbox and honeycomb for the Falcon Eyes RX-48TDX. This allows you to soften and beam the RX-48TDX light. The softbox can be firmly attached to the RX-48TDX by velcro. The diffuser and honeycomb are also fastened with velcro.

Usage RX-DB48HC

You can attach the diffuser to the softbox to soften the light. This is recommended in many situations, for example with mirrored products. Thus, in the reflection, you do not see the individual LED lights, but a nice soft reflection. The honeycomb can optionally be used to ensure less spread. If you want to highlight the subject, but the environment does not get too much light, the honeycomb causes less spread out.

Falcon Eyes Softbox + Honeycomb Grid RX-SB48HC for LED RX-48TDX

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