The Falcon Eyes ESA-K3 Speedlite Strobist Set is equipped with 3 different accessories to create various lighting effects with your speedlite. The ESA-K3 is complete with a honeycomb grid, a double-sided reflector and a lightweight, foldable softbox. All 3 accessories are equipped with Velcro, making them compatible with most speedlites.

Honeycomb Grid: The supplied honeycomb grid is 8 x 6 cm and enables you to accurately guide and aim the light of your speedlite.

Softbox: The supplied softbox is 20 x 30 cm and works by softening and spreading the light emitted by your speedlite. The softbox illuminates the subject you wish to shoot.

Double-sided Reflector: The supplied double-sided reflector is 20 x 15 cm and can be used to spread, bundle or guide the light emitted by your speedlite.

Falcon Eyes Speedlite Flash Gun Strobist Set ESA-K3

SKU: 299326