The Falcon Eyes TMB-40FE Strobist Adapter is especially suitable for strobist photography. Your speedlite is simply mounted onto the included hotshoe adapter and can be adjusted in height to achieve the correct position. The hotshoe can also be adjusted forwards and backwards. The TMB-40FE is equipped with a Falcon Eyes bayonet connection, making it suitable with all accessories compatible with a standard Falcon Eyes bayonet connection. The TMB-40FE is equipped with an umbrella holder, enabling you to use an umbrella in conjunction with the strobist adapter. If you wish to use the TMB-40FE with a Sony speedlite, an additional TF-324 adapter is available.


Falcon Eyes TMB-40FE Strobist Adapter Possibilities

The TMB-40FE can be used for many different purposes. The TMB-40FE can for example be used in conjunction with the Falcon Eyes DHV-118AZ Speedlite for Nikon and Canon. A snoot, barndoor set or honeycomb grid can then be mounted on the TMB-40FE and placed in front of the speedlite to create various different strobist lighting effects. If the slave function of your speedlite is not supported, an optional HS-15 Hotshoe with X-contact can be purchased to enable this feature.

* Please note, the accessories shown in the photos are not included in the delivery


Falcon Eyes Strobist Adapter TMB-40FE for Falcon Eyes Bayonet

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