The Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Kit Satel One Kit on Battery (2 x 600W) is a portable studio flash kit, which features a removable Li-ion battery (14.8V-3000mAh). On a full battery the Satel One can flash 300 times in full power flashes. The Satel One has an intergrated radio receiver, with a maximum distance up to +/- 100 meters. The included RF-Q830LC triggerset can be used for high-speed triggering, up to 1/8000. In addition the Satel One Kit can be used for example to photograph a group of people (max. ca. 5 people).

In addition, the Satel One Studio Flash has a unique touchscreen display, on which the flash settings can be set and you can view the batterystatus. The display is also tiltable, so even at different heights the display is easy to read. The supplied battery also has a USB-connection, with which you could charge your USB devices. The Satel One flash is equipped with a Bowens S-Bayonet whereby all Linkstar and StudioKing accessories can be fitted

Satel One Kit

The Satel One Kit comes in the WPC 3.3 case (62.5 x 42 x 34 cm), making it very easy to transport. Included triggerset is only for Canon cameras.

Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Kit Satel One Kit on Battery

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