The Falcon Eyes CL-22 Super Clamp is essential for a photo studio as it can be fixed to almost anything. An array of accessories can be mounted on to the CL-22, meaning you have a sturdy mounting point at almost any place in your studio.

The clamp has three female threaded inputs, of which the outer two are 1/4" and the middle 3/8". A spigot adapter (3/8" male) is included, so that the clamp can be placed on a tripod, or a lamp or flash can be placed on this clamp. Simply screw it into the middle thread (above there is 1/4 engraved, but the middle thread is obviously 3/8"). By using the spigot adapter you are able to mount the clamp on a tripod or light stand. Alternatively, the supplied spigot can be used to mount a speedlite or lamp on to the clamp. It is also possible to combine the Falcon Eyes FB-005-3 Tube Clamp with the CL-22 to broaden its uses. All compatible optional accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

The clamp can bear the weight of up to 15kg and fits on tubes, tables and boards that are 13-55mm thick.

Falcon Eyes Super Clamp CL-22

SKU: 296965