The Falcon Eyes Telescopic Arm 3365C is suitable for the B-3030C Ceiling Rail system. The 3365C has a rail guide that is equipped with wheels. With this rail guide the arm can be attached directly to the rails of the Ceiling Rail system B-3030C (see optional accessories) and moved forward and backward. The arm is telescopic and therefore adjustable in length. The load capacity of this arm is 5 kg.

This product comes standard with a spigot adapter (without thread, see pictures). This allows you to attach an extra studio flash, lamp or other accessory. If you are looking for a threaded spigot, the Falcon Eyes SP-B4M8M is optionally available.

Usage Falcon Eyes Telescopic Arm 3365C

The standard length is 110.5 centimetres, which can be extended to 200 centimetres. These lengths include the attachment (see product photos). You can easily extend the arm by loosening the fastening screw. The supplied spigot can be attached to three different sides in the head of the arm.


Falcon Eyes Telescopic Support Rod 3365C for B-3030C

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