The Falcon Eyes CLD-14 Tilting Bracket + Hotshoe allows you to transform your speedlite into a professional grade studio flash. The CLD-14 is equipped with an adjustable hotshoe (without contact) on which your speedlite can be mounted. The hotshoe can be unscrewed from the CLD-14, releasing a ¼” male thread. This thread allows you to mount a variety of accessories with a ¼” female thread such as an LED lamp. Further, the camera bracket can be tilted 90° forwards and backwards.

Falcon Eyes CLD-14 Tilting Bracket and Hotshoe Possibilities

The second photo demonstrates a manner in which the CLD-14 can be used. The tripod, reflective umbrella and speedlite are not included in the delivery but are available for purchase in the optional accessories tab below.

Falcon Eyes Tilting Bracket + Hotshoe CLD-14

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