The Falcon Eyes Transmitter RF-DD2.4-T is a spare transmitter for the RF-DD2.4 radio trigger set.

Successor RF-DD4

The RF-DD2.4 is successor to the RF-DD4 and operates on a 2.4GHz frequency, instead of 433MHz. This is therefore not compatible with the old RF-DD4 version, this applies to both the transmitter and the receiver.

Attention: The RF-DD2.4 works on all SLRs, however with Sony / Minolta cameras you need the HS-25Sa hotsoe adapter. You can use the Travor HC-511 adapter for the new Sony MI hot shoe. Both adapters can be found with the optional accessories.

This triggerset is not compatible with:

Falcon Eyes Transmitter RF-DD2.4-T for RF-DD2.4

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