The Falcon Eyes SGA-K9 Universal Speedlite Strobist Set is essential for photographers wishing to experiment with light. The SGA-K9 is compatible with any speedlite with a maximum width of 85 mm and a height of 34 to 58 mm. The 8 included accessories can be used in conjunction with your speedlite via the included adapter to either bundle or focus the light on the object you are shooting.

Falcon Eyes SGA-K9 Universal Speedlite Strobist Set Included Accessories

The following accessories are included in the SGA-K9

  • Barndoor Set
  • Conical Snoot (including 2 honeycomb grids. One with a 3 mm grid and the other with a 5 mm grid)
  • Diffuse Sphere with a diameter of 15 cm
  • Softbox (20 x 30 cm)
  • 4 Colour Filters (Orange, Blue, White and Yellow)
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • A Reflector, which can be used as a beauty dish when used with the supplied inner reflectors (silver, gold and white)
  • Honeycomb Grid for the reflector

The softbox, diffuse sphere and reflector can be used to evenly spread the light emitted from your speedlite, while the honeycomb grid, conical snoot and barndoor set can be used to direct and focus the light upon a subject you wish to photograph.

Falcon Eyes Universal Speedlite Flash Gun Strobist Set SGA-K9

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