The Falcon Eyes V-Mount battery is a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 10Ah and 260Wh. A standard shoulder camera that uses 20-25W will therefore be able to be operative for up to 10 hours with this Falcon Eyes V-Mount battery. The battery status is displayed by 4 LED indicators on the side of the battery.


The BP-260VL battery has a voltage of 26V, making it suitable for larger lamps that use the same voltage. There are many lamps that use 14.8V, this battery is not suitable for that.

Usage Falcon Eyes V-Mount Battery

The battery is specially designed for the Falcon Eyes DESAL-series, including the DS-811 and DS-812. But this battery can also  be used for other devices with a maximum power of up to 300W and equipped with V-Mount, as long as they us 26V.

The Falcon Eyes FC-B2 Battery Charger can be used to charge this Falcon Eyes V-Mount Battery and can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Falcon Eyes V-Mount Battery 260Wh 26V 10000mAh

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