The Falcon Eyes WI-Fi Bi-Color Led Ring Lamp Dimmable DVR-160TW can be used for various purposes, such as portrait photography or beauty shoots. The 160 LEDs have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. Thanks to the CRI of 95, the LEDs have an excellent, true-to-life color reproduction. Both colour temperature and intensity are easily adjustable by means of the digital display on the back of the lamp. It is also possible to control these settings with a smartphone, via Wi-Fi and the Falcon Eyes app. The color temperature can be set from 3200 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin.

Because the mounting bracket is equipped with 1/4" and 3/8" female connections, the DVR-160TW can be mounted on almost any tripod. The lamp is also supplied with a mounting bracket on which you can easily mount your camera.

Functions DVR-160TW

A power cable is supplied with the DVR-160TW. Do you want more freedom? Then optional batteries are available. Just click two batteries on the back of the LED ring and you can work wirelessly. The compatible batteries can be found under the heading 'optional accessories'.


The ring lamp is ideal in situations where the subject needs to be captured in a beautiful, natural way. Think of portraits or beauty shoots. In a portrait of people, the ring lamp forms a beautiful round reflection in the eyes. A ring lamp ensures that the light is distributed all around, so that no shadows are visible on the subject. The DVR-160TW is also very suitable for taking pictures and/or shots of smaller subjects. These images can be used to display on the internet or in catalogues.



Falcon Eyes Wi-Fi Bi-Color LED Ring Lamp Dimmable DVR-160TW

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