The Falcon Eyes Wi-Fi Dongle RC-W01 is specially designed for the LPW and CLL-TW LED lights series. Using the dongle and the Falcon Eyes app it is possible to wirelessly control your lamp with your smartphone. If you have multiple LPW lights it is possible to control them all at once in the app (with a maximum of 8 lights). By using the app it is possible to control both the color temperature and the power separately.

The app is available for iOS 7.0 and higher and for Android. The dongle is available for the following Falcon Eyes lights:

  • LPW-100TD
  • LPW-150TD
  • LPW-600TD
  • LPW-820TD
  • LPW-1156TD
  • LPW-1200TD
  • LPW-2005TD
  • LPW-3005TD
  • LPW-DB4485TD
  • CLL-1600TW
  • DLL-1600TW
  • CLL-3000TW
  • DLL-3000TW
  • CLL-4800TW

Control with smartphone app

In addition to the operation via the touchscreen and the rotary controls on the back, you can also operate the lamp with your smartphone. Free apps are available in the App Store and Play Store. Below is a manual for setting up and using the Wi-Fi function:

Single lamp

1. Download the Falcon Eyes app by clicking here with your iPhone or here with your Android smartphone.
2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and connect to the network that starts with 'LEDS ...'. The password is 'candlehome'.
3. Open the Falcon Eyes app and press 'Click me'.
4. Click on the block containing the IP address, starting with 192.
5. You can now adjust the brightness with the slider bar at the bottom. You can also adjust the color temperature by sweeping over the round disc in the middle.

Multiple lamps

If you want to control multiple lamps at the same time with the app, you need a Wi-Fi router for this. Follow the steps below:

1. Download the Falcon Eyes app by clicking here with your iPhone or clicking