This Falcon Eyes URN-T86TSB1 jumbo flash umbrella has a white, translucent (diffuse) coating with a silver/black cover. The transparent cover of the URN-T86TSB1 can be used to reflect soft light (indirect light). But it's also possible to flash through the material whicht creates a softbox effect (direct light). The silver reflecting inside provides maximum reflection of the light. So this flash umbrella can be used in different ways, as transparent umbrella, as silver/black umbrella or all three at the same time. The black outer side of the umbrella prevents unwanted reflection in a studio.

To remove the white, translucent cover, it’s needed to cut a couple of strings. However, this won’t affect your results. Due to the large size of the umbrella, it has a huge light distibution. Because the flash umbrella is jumbo size, we recommend to use a sturdy tripod.


  • Falcon Eyes Jumbo Umbrella URN-T86TSB1 Transparent White 216 cm
  • Silver/Black Cover 216 cm
  • Tube size 8 mm
  • Solid construction
  • Can be used for most studio flashes and continuous lighting
  • Foldable and easy to carry


Falcon Jumbo Umbrella URN-T86TSB1 Transparent White + Silver/Black Cover 216 cm

SKU: 295440