The Linkstar Paper Back Drop Rolls are of high quality and various colors and sizes. Not only are the paper background rolls an economical replacement for cloth backgrounds, but they also form a flat and solid background, making it easier for the photographer to shoot their desired objects. Further, all Linkstar background rolls come on a sturdy cylinder, which can easily be placed on a background support.

Usage Linkstar Background paper 46 Chroma Green:

The Linkstar Background paper in Chroma Green is an ideal solution for photo and video productions. There are many possibilities to use this background, for example, you can use it as a background when you want to change the background during post-processing. 

Please note: due the difference in computer monitor screens, worldwide, the colours of the backdrop may differ slightly from the picture shown.

Background rolls with a width of 3.56 meters will be shipped free of charge within the Netherlands. Please contact us to determine the shipping costs for these background rolls for delivery outside of the Netherlands.

In the past, this roll was supplied in various sizes with both an inner core of 5 cm and 6 cm. Pay attention to this if you order an optional tube and measure the inner size of your roll in advance. The current roll has an inner diameter of 5cm.

Linkstar Background Roll 46 Chroma Green 3.56 x 30 m

SKU: 5669546