The Linkstar Vinyl Background White is 2,75 meters wide and 6,09 meters long. Vinyl is very easy to keep clean and is UV light resistant. The matt finish gives you a gloss free background and is pure white if it is illuminated the right way. This makes this background for example suitable for newborn shoots or product photography (like flowers or fruit). The Vinyl background comes on a firm core, is hanging straight down and can be used on most background systems. Further more is this background very easy to clean. The thickness of the cloth is about 0.37 mm

Shipping cost

Different shipping costs are calculated for long packages (over 2.3 meters long) such as background rolls (2.75 meters) and celling rail systems (3 meters).

- Within the Netherlands, each long package is charged at an extra € 15.-.
- For long packages needing to go to Belgium, the cost is €18,50 per package.
- For all other countries, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price.

Linkstar Background Vinyl White 2,75 x 6,09 m

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