The Linkstar LFA-BD Lighting Set is equipped with a barndoor set, honeycomb (grid) and 4 colour filters. The included barndoors can be completely opened to spread the light, but can also be pushed together to create a small light stream. The red, yellow, blue and green filters are encased in a metal frame and are easily interchangeable, providing you various colour lighting options. Further, the honeycomb (grid) is equipped with small 6 x 7 mm grids, which are 15 mm deep. The honeycomb (grid) ensures the light is bundled and directed toward the object you wish to capture, providing you with a spotlight effect. The honeycomb (grid) can be used in combination with the colour filters.

The barndoor set is compatible with every standard reflector (not included) with a diameter of 18cm like the Linkstar LL, LL-D, LF and FS series reflector.

Linkstar Barndoors LFA-BD + 4 Color Filters + Honeycomb Grid

SKU: 561010