The Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp LEP-748C is a dimmable LED lamp with an output of 45W. The panel consists of 748 small LED lights, which can generate a color temperature of 3000K to 5600K. The LED lamp is ideal for portrait, product and model photography. It can also be used as main or background lighting in the studio. The lamp can be operated via the control panel at the back of the lamp. On this panel there are two rotary knobs, with which you can control the colour temperature and the power separately. The LED lamp is also suitable for photographing animals, for example. They will not be scared by a flash. The lamp has a lighting angle of 45 degrees.

You can use the LEP-748C via mains or with a battery. The power adapter and power cable are supplied as standard. Also included are two colour filters (orange and white) and a handy nylon carrying bag with zipper.

Usage LEP-748C

To use the LED lamp, place the U-bracket mounting on a tripod (not supplied). The universal U-bracket is equipped with a spigot connection at the bottom. This allows the lamp to fit on almost any lamp stand, but it can also be hung on something. By means of the rotary knobs on the back you can adjust the power and the colour temperature steplessly.

Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable LEP-748C

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