The Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp LES-200TD is a powerful, multifunctional LED lamp that features a convenient feature: operation with your smartphone! This Wi-fi compatibility is built-in, so no external Wi-fi dongle is required.

The LED lamp is bi-color, which means that the color temperature is freely adjustable. You can choose from 3000K (warm yellow light) to 5600K (daylight) and 8000K (deep blue light), and everything in between. This adjustable colour temperature - which can be set in 50K increments - allows you to adjust the LES-200TD precisely to the ambient light conditions. In addition, you can also infinitely adjust the lamp's desired output. The power LED provides a considerable luminous intensity of 200W, while the housing remains relatively compact. In addition, the CRI value of 95+ means that you can always count on natural colours.

You can operate the LED lamp in three ways. For example, the lamp has a clear LCD display on the back. You can operate this using the touch screen and the rotary knobs. In addition, you can also operate the lamp with your smartphone. It is also possible to control multiple lamps centrally with your smartphone, provided they also have Wi-fi compatibility. The app for operation with your smartphone is free to download from PlayStore and the App Store, for both iOS and Android.

The Bowens mount makes it possible to connect many accessories to the LES-200TD. The reflector cover and diffuse colour filters are included as standard with this lamp. For example, you can optionally use a softbox to provide extra soft light. The Linkstar lamp has a standard spigot connection on the underside, which allows you to place the lamp on any standard tripod. The lamp is supplied with power by means of the supplied mains cable. The built-in motor cooling ensures that the LES-2000TD will not overheat.

Usage Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable LES-200TD

If you are looking for a very large amount of light, the LES-200TD is ideal for you. Its high power output, adjustable colour temperature and multifunctional control make this LED lamp an excellent solution for the demanding professional. The lamp is easy and safe to carry using the handle on the housing.

Operation with your smartphone

• Download the Falcon Eyes app from PlayStore/App Store
• Connect your mobile phone to a secure Wi-fi network (not an open Wi-fi network where you can log in later via your browser)
• Open the Falcon Eyes app and click on 'Find me'
• Click on the 'Settings' icon in the upper right corner of the app
• Enter the password of the chosen Wi-fi network
• Press the Color button on the back of the lamp for 3 seconds until the red light starts flashing rapidly
• Wait until the lamp is found in the app (5-20 seconds) and select the desired lamp(s)
• You can now control the LES-200TD directly with your smartphone
• Set the desired color temperature in the yellow/white/blue circle
• Determine the desired power by means of the horizontal slider ba

Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable LES-200TD on 230V

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