The Linkstar RL-24VC is new kind of LED lamp which comes in a stunning round design. The special light technology creates an extremely soft light and makes an extra diffuse cloth unnecessary. With its 120 LED's and a colour temperature of 5600K  you get beautiful results. The individual LED's are invisible and is color adjustable. The total power is 24W. A NP-F battery (not included see optional accessories) can provide the RL-24VC with power. Benefit from stabile colours, due to the high CRI of 90+. The Linkstar LED lamp weighs only 1,15 kgs and its slim size makes it ideal for daily use. The lamp has a diameter of 25 cm without the frame.

Also available: LED Lamp Dimmable RL-18V (18W)

Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable RL-24VC on 230V

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