The Linkstar X6.1 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lamp on 230V is a high-powered Bi-Color LED lamp with adjustable colour temperatures. The dimmable Bi-Color LED lamp has a high CRI value and is equipped with a DMX input and output, making it suitable for the professional photo studio. With an optional DMX cable and light mixer, multiple X6.1 Bi-Color LED lamps can be connected and controlled by the light mixer. The color temperature of the X6.1 can be adjusted from 3000K (warm light) to 7000K (white light). The setting of the colour temperature is displayed on the LDC display screen, located on the back of the lamp.

Linkstar X6.1 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lamp on 230V Specifications

The X6.1 is flicker free and when switched on, does not reach a high temperature, therefore making it suitable for filming and product and portrait photography. The Bi-Color LED lamp is delivered with a U-Bracket, enabling you to mount the lamp onto most universal light stands. Also included in the delivery is a white coloured filter to create a diffuse effect, an orange colour filter to add warmth to your images and a protective, carry bag.

The lamp is powered by a 230V power cord but can alternatively be powered by a V-Mount or Sony Camcorder Battery (14.8V) enabling you to work on location without needing a power source.

Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable X6.1 on 230V

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