The Linkstar VD-6 Bi-Color LED Lamp is suitable for illuminating small and larger areas whilst photographing or filming.

Linkstar VD-6 Bi-Color LED Lamp Specifications

The VD-6 is compact, lightweight and produces a colour temperature of between 3000 and 6500K. The Bi-Color LED lamp consists of 320 Bi-Color LED lights with a light output of 60W. The VD-6 is powered by a 230V power cord. Alternatively, a LI-ION rechargeable battery can be used to power the Bi-Color LED lamp, making it essential for use on location without needing a power source.

The VD-6 is delivered with a hotshoe adapter with mini ball head allowing you to correctly direct and position the light. Also included is a transparent filter to create a diffuse effect and an orange coloured filter to add warmth to your images.

* The supplied battery is equipped with a 1 year warranty.

Linkstar Bi-Color LED Lamp VD-6 incl. Battery

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