The Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTGK-3150U is a very complete set and suitable for portrait, product, and model photography. Included in delivery is a background system with a white and black background cloth to create a beautiful background for your pictures. If you want to add effects to your photos, you can use the supplied color filters or the supplied conical snoot to focus the light. In order to be able to control the studio flashes wirelessly, a trigger set is included in delivery.

Possibilities Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTGK-3150U

Included in delivery are three MT-150GU studio flashes with a flash power of 150Ws per studio flash. The flash units are adjustable from 1/16 to full power, giving you lots of lighting options. The background system includes two I-2001 tripods with a maximum height of 2 m and a crossbar with a maximum width of 1.635 m.

Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTGK-3150U

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