The Linkstar LSD-4K1 Daylight Set contains a lamp holder, one 50x75cm foldable softbox, four 28W energy saving spiral lamps with a power comparability of 140W and a LS-803 light stand (2m).

This set is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography and is suitable for both, beginner and experienced photographers and videographers.

The lamp holders have a modern design, are small in size and have a stable colour temperature. Up to four lamps can be connected to the lamp holder with two power switches allowing you to control how much light is outputted. The included foldable softbox has a reflective silver lining and when used in conjunction with the diffuse cloth, distributes the light evenly and minimizes reflection and shadows.

Linkstar Daylight Set LSD-4K1 4x28W

SKU: 564001