The Linkstar MT-SB250 25 cm Diffusor Ball is suitable for the Linkstar MT, DL and SS Series studio flash units. The MT-SB250 is designed to reduce hard flash light by diffusing it and spreading it evenly. Further, the MT-SB250 effectively reduces shadows making perfect for passport photography. This Diffusor can be used with a modeling lamp of max 60w.

The MT-SB250 is supplied with a mini flash speed ring compatible with the MT, DL and SS Series studio flash units. This speed ring is simply placed around the neck of your studio flash unit and fastened into place via the wing bolt.

* Please note this speed ring cannot be exchanged with other speed rings.

Linkstar Diffusor Ball MT-SB250 for MT/DL/SS flashes 25 cm

SKU: 560244