Linkstar's RX-11TD is a flexible LED panel made out of 360 LEDs. The light weight makes this an interesting solution for recordings where there is no room for heavy, large equipment. The RX-11TD has a size of 46x46 cm. The LEDs have a power of 68W, where you can adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 5600K. Thanks to the CRI value of 95, you can count on natural colours.

The RX-11TD comes with a collapsible X-frame to which you can attach the RX-11TD. The X-frame fits on almost any lamp stand, some examples of which can be found in the optional accessories. When working without an X-frame, the LED panel is only a few millimeters thick. This offers many possibilities on location with little space. Velcro fasteners allow you to attach the RX-11TD to the ceilin