Linkstar's RX-11TD is a flexible LED panel made out of 360 LEDs. The light weight makes this an interesting solution for recordings where there is no room for heavy, large equipment. The RX-11TD has a size of 46x46 cm. The LEDs have a power of 68W, where you can adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 5600K. Thanks to the CRI value of 95, you can count on natural colours.

The RX-11TD comes with a collapsible X-frame to which you can attach the RX-11TD. The X-frame fits on almost any lamp stand, some examples of which can be found in the optional accessories. When working without an X-frame, the LED panel is only a few millimeters thick. This offers many possibilities on location with little space. Velcro fasteners allow you to attach the RX-11TD to the ceiling of a car, for example. So there is just that little bit of extra light, without any striking construction.

Usage RX-11TD

The RX-11TD is very versatile: a compact lamp for your studio, a roll-up design for on the go, splashproof for outdoors and an adjustable color temperature for any location. Optional accessories include a softbox and honeycomb, specially designed for the RX-11TD. You can easily take the RX-11TD with you on the go in the included bag.

Wireless communication

With the control panel on the back of the Sophiez, LPL and RX lamps, you can control the lamps simultaneously with one of the control panels. All you have to do is set the lamps on the same channel (A/B/C/D /OFF), after which you can use one of the lamps as a control panel for the whole group. For example, it is possible to create two sets and control them both differently by setting them on different channels. A separate remote control is also available, see the optional accessories.

Linkstar Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel RX-11TD 46x46 cm

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