The Linkstar QSSX-30150HC Foldable Striplight Softbox + Honeycomb Grid is 35 x 160 cm in size and is easy to assemble. The QSSX-30150HC is suitable for model photography and is supplied with 2 diffuse cloths. The diffuse material spreads the light evenly, provides a neutral colour temperature and minimizes shadows and reflections. Further, the QSSX-30150HC is supplied with a detachable honeycomb grid, which can be used to direct the light.

Linkstar QSSX-30150 Foldable Striplight Softbox + Honeycomb Grid Specifications

The QSSX-30150HC is complete with a standard Linkstar speed ring, which is compatible with Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe, and Aurora studio flash units. By using an additional speed ring adapter, the QSSX-30150HC is also compatible with Falcon Eyes, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel and Multiblitz studio flash units.

Linkstar Foldable Striplight Softbox + Honeycomb Grid QSSX-30150HC 30x150 cm

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