The Linkstar HS-15 Hotshoe Adapter is ideal for integrating a speedlite into a flash set. The speedlite simply slides into the hotshoe connection and if equipped with a slave function, will flash when triggered by the other flash units. Alternatively, a synchronization cable can be connected to the HS-15 to trigger the flash unit.

The HS-15 can be mounted on a light stand with a standard ¼” male thread. Further, it is possible to use the HS-15 in combination with the Linkstar BH-4M4FUR Umbrella Holder to create a separate flash unit. The BH-4M4FUR is simply screwed onto the stand and the HS-15 is mounted onto to the top of the Umbrella holder and can be used in combination with your existing flash unit/s. Alternatively, the HS-15 can be mounted to the Falcon Eyes CLD-15 tilting bracket allowing your flash set to be bent and positioned in almost any direction (as shown in photo 2).

Linkstar Hotshoe HS-15 + Hotshoe + Tripodconnection

SKU: 560853