The Linkstar VD-416D-K2 LED Lamp Set is a continuous lighting solution powered by a penlite/battery. The VD-416D-K2 is suitable for illuminating small and large areas used for photography and videography. In order to illuminate a larger area, numerous VD-416D-K2 can be attached to one another in order to create one large light panel.

Linkstar VD-416D-K2 LED Lamp Set Specifications

The VD-416D-K2 is compact, lightweight and produces a stable, flicker-free, colour temperature of 5500K. The LED lamp consists of 416 dimmable LED lights and is powered by 2 LI-ION batteries.

Included in the delivery is a white colour filter to create a diffuse effect, an orange colour filter to add warmth to your images and a barndoor set enabling you to direct and position the light as you wish. Additionally, the LED lamp can be mounted onto the hot shoe of your camera or on a light stand using the supplied mini ballhead or hot shoe adapter. Compatible light stands can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Alternatively, it is possible to power the VD-416D-K2 with a SP-AC9 power cord instead of 6 AA batteries. If you wish to use a power cord instead of the batteries, it is important to note that the batteries must be removed from the VD-416D-K2 before connecting the power cord.

* The supplied LI-ION batteries have a 1 year warranty.

Linkstar LED Lamp Set VD-416D-K2 incl. Battery

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