The Linkstar LSR-232 Macro LED Ring Lamp is a LED lamp suitable for macro photography. Macro photography refers to the close-up photography of very small object such as animals or plants, but is not limited thereto. Generally, subjects shot at a close distance endure shadowing caused by the camera and/or lens. The LSR-232 can be used to overcome this problem.

Linkstar LSR-232 Macro LED Ring Lamp Specifications

The LED lamp consists of 232 LED lights with a light output of 14W and a colour temperature of 6500K. The LED lamp can be mounted to the lens of your camera by means of one of the included adapter rings and the battery holder can be mounted onto the hotshoe connection of your camera. Both the ring lamp and battery holder are equipped with a ¼” female thread and can therefore, alternatively be mounted on a tripod or camera bracket. Also included in the delivery is a tilting bracket allowing you to tilt the lamp into the correct position.

The LSR-232 is powered by 6 AA batteries, which are not included in the delivery. Alternatively, the LED ring lamp can be powered by an optional LI-ION battery pack.

* Please note: in order to use the LSR-232 with a Sony/Minolta camera, an extra hotshoe will need to be purchased. The Pixel TF-323 hotshoe adapter is compatible with the LSR-232 and is available in the optional accessories tab below.


The ring lamp is great in situations where you want to capture the subject on a beautiful, natural way. Think about portraits, beautyshoots and food. When capturing people, the ring lamp creates a beautiful circular reflection in the eyes.

Linkstar Macro LED Ring Lamp LSR-232

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