The L-1.5 Fresnel lamp from Linkstar is a compact LED lamp with built-in fresnel filter. The color temperature of 5500K is suitable for many situations. You can use the L-1.5 lamp anywhere thanks to the included NP-F battery. It is also possible to connect the L-1.5 lamp to a wall socket using a universal power adapter (not included). The brightness of the L-1.5 lamp is infinitely adjustable with the built-in dial. The light weight of 538 grams (excluding accessories) ensures easy transport. Optionally, an accessory set is available with three types of honeycomb, softbox, valve set, four colour filters, conical nut and diffuser ball. The Linkstar Mini LED Fresnel Lucia L-1.5 can also be used with the Falcon Eyes Power Supply SP-AC9-3A 1 Pin.

Application L-1.5 lamp

If you work a lot on location and sometimes need just that little bit of extra light, the L-1.5 lamp is the solution. Ideal for illuminating clothes or shoes, for example. The L-1.5 lamp is also an indispensable accessory for interviews, provided that the lamp is placed at a maximum distance of one meter from the screen. A metal housing guarantees a long life and optimal protection.

Charge L-1.5 lamp

With the included NP-F charger you can charge the NP-F550 battery. By ordering an extra battery, you can work continuously: while one battery is charging, you can use the other battery to power the lamp. See the heading "optional accessories" for recommended battery packs.

Accessories L-1.5 lamp

The L-1.5 lamp comes with a mini-ball head to easily adjust the angle of the lamp. At the bottom is a 1/4” female thread. There is also a coldshoe available for placement on DSLR cameras. Special clips make it possible to place a colour or diffuse filter in front of the lamp (not included). You can take it all with you safely in the sturdy storage bag.

Special features Fresnel lamps

Due to the special fresnel lens and adjustable beam, Falcon Eyes Fresnel lamps are often used in locations where a large amount of light is needed. These include theatres, TV studios and film locations. Normally the range of LED light is limited, but with Fresnel lamps it is possible to illuminate the subject at a greater distance. Moreover, the fresnel lamps of Falcon Eyes are much less warm than traditional spotlights.

Linkstar Mini LED Fresnel Lucia L-1.5-K1 15W

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