The LAT-16-G-R is an extra receiver for the LAT-16G trigger set by Linkstar. When you want to control multiple flashes, we advise to use additional receivers.

When you want to have your studio flashes flash at the same time, it is essential that the flashes are directed in a way that the slave units on the studioflashes can receive a flash. With an extra receiver for the RF-A2416 trigger set added to your studio flash, you can direct your flash in any way you want. It will still flash thanks to the 360 degrees signal. The LAT-16G trigger set can be set on 16 different channels. This way you can control different groups of flashes in your studio.

Note: Works on all studio flashes with a three-point power connection.

This triggerset is not compatible with:

Linkstar Receiver LAT-16G-R for LAT-16G

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