The Linkstar BH-4M4FUR ¼” Female and ¼” Male Umbrella Holder is a universal umbrella holder, which fits on most tripods and light stands. The BH-4M4FUR is equipped with a 8mm opening and screw bolt, allowing you to slide the handle of your flash umbrella into the opening and fix it into position with the screw. Additionally, the BH-4M4FUR is further equipped with a ¼” male and female thread. The male thread is positioned on top of the umbrella holder and makes it possible to mount, for example, a speedlite in combination with an optional hotshoe adapter. The female thread is located on the bottom of the BH-4M4FUR, enabling you to mount it onto a universal tripod or light stand. All compatible accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Linkstar Umbrella Holder BH-4M4FUR 1/4" Female 1/4" Male

SKU: 562601