The Marumi Circular Polarization Filter for the M100 Filter Holder is a filter that allows you to determine the extent of reflection effect. The polarization filter is specially designed for use with the Marumi Magnetic Filter Holder M100, which is available separately (see optional accessories). With the Marumi Polarization Filter you can change the blue contrast of the sky during landscape photography. You can also use the filter to switch off reflection from glass or water, so you can photograph in-depth. This polarization filter is very compatible for use in combination with ND and GND filters.

The filter glass contains a multicoating (Schott B270 glass), making it anti-scratch and water repellent on both sides. This prevents for example fingerprints on the glass. The anti-static property of the filter glass also prevents sticking of dust particles and dirt.

Usage Marumi Circular Polarization Filter

Attach the Marumi Polarization Filter to the adapter ring and screw the adapter ring to the camera lens. Finally, attach the Marumi Filter Holder M100. At the bottom of the filter holder there is a rotary knob which controls the polarization filter. The polarization filter rotates independently of the filter holder. Because the Polarization filter is placed in the holder (instead of being pushed into it from above), this minimises the risk of light leakage (vignetting). The filter holder closes completely, around the lens.

Marumi Circ. Pola Filter for M100 Filter Holder

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