The variable 82mm grey filter from Marumi offers a ND value between 1/2.5 and 1/500 and 1 1/3 stops to 9.0 stops. This lets you create beautiful photo effects in many situations. By turning the edge of the filter, you can choose stepless how many light needs to be blocked. You never have to work with multiple filters again. Despite the durable frame, the ND filter is only 5.9mm thick. (Screw thread not included) This prevents vignetting. Vignetting is a reduction of an image's brightness at the periphery compared to the image center. The ND filter does have multiple coatings, to prevent reflection.


You can open the shutter for a longer period of time while using this ND filter, to create the best possible photo. For an example; running water, which you can turn into a soft haze.

This filter is also available in 58mm, 67mm en 77mm.


The optics of Marumi are being produced with the highest quality requirements. For more than 60 years Marumi delivers high quality products from Japan. This results in amazing products, now and in the future.

Marumi Grey Variable Filter Creation Vari ND2.5-ND500 82 mm

SKU: 155982