Marumi DHG Soft Fantasy filters give you the oppertunity to create a soft effect on your pictures without losing focus. Soft Fantasy filters reduce the contrast in the finer details of a picture. This gives the pictures a slight softness. The photos will turn out soft and gentle with a smooth blur.

Features DHG filters

The DHG filters are made of extra strong tempered glass and have a multi coating, making them water, scratch and dirt resistant. The DHG filters are also easy to clean. The female thread allows the stacking of filters so you can combine different filters for even more effects.

  • Prevents ghosting and reflection
  • Optimal light transmission through multi coating
  • With the right diameter suitable for every camera lens
  • Metal housing
  • Without vignetting (no darkening in the corners)
  • Also suitable for wide-angle lenses and full-frame cameras
  • Black coating on the outer edge of the lens for minimal reflection

Marumi Soft Fantasy Filter DHG 58 mm

SKU: 1545358