The Marumi Macro Wide Converter is a cost effective solution to convert your standard camera lens into a wide angled lens. The lens works by halving the focal length of your camera lens and in turn, broadening the width of view. The Marumi macro wide converter is especially useful for standard lenses (equipped with a screw thread), which cannot be detached from the camera body. Further, the lens converter can be used in conjunction with video cameras to broaden the size of the image and capture a larger frame. The Marumi lens converter is not limited to, but most commonly used for filming or photographing indoors.

Alternatively, the Marumi macro wide converter can be adjusted and used as a macro lens for close up photography. Further, the lens converter is equipped with a screw thread on the front of the lens. This makes it possible to screw a variety of filters onto the lens and broaden your effects.

Marumi Wide Converter With Macro 0,5x 30 mm

SKU: 169420