The Matin Phone Cradle Mount AH9 for Head Rest is a holder specially designed for use in your car. With the Matin Phone Cradle Mount AH9 you can enjoy everything your device has to offer on the back seat of your car. This holder is specially designed to keep smartphones and tablets stable and secure while driving, so you can use your device comfortably and carefree. With use of the 360 degree rotation function you determine the perfect position of your device. Now you can watch movies and series as if you were watching television!

The Tablet and Phone holder AH9 is suitable for headrests with two bars at least 14cm and maximum 18cm apart. The holder itself can be adjusted in width from 12cm to 20cm and is therefore suitable for all smartphones and tablets from 4 - 11 inch.

Usage Matin Phone Cradle Mount AH9

You simply attach the adjustable holding bar to your headrest. Then loosely twist the attachment ring on the Phone Cradle Mount AH9 and click it to the holder bar. You can now fully tighten the attachment ring to secure the holder. Finally, place your smartphone or tablet in the adjustable holder.

Matin Phone Cradle Mount AH9 for Head Rest

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