The Matin M-6296 View Finder has a 2x magnification, allowing you to magnify the details of an object you wish to photograph. The Matin viewfinder is suitable for LCD screens up to 3.2 inches and the diopter can be adjusted from -5 to +3. The M-6296 is particularly suitable for cameras with live view.

The Matin M-6296 Viewfinder Specifications

The Matin LCD viewfinder is made of a durable plastic, ensuring the LCD screen of your camera is protected against scratches. The attached cord allows you to securely mount the viewfinder to your camera. Further, the cord can also be used as a neck strap. The M-6296 is equipped with a soft rubber eyecup with an adjustable focus ring, ensuring the object you wish to shoot is clear and sharp (want to say so you can focus but already said focus ring…). Additionally, the lens has an AR coating (550nm).

The Matin viewfinder is suitable for the following cameras and more:

Canon: 5D Mark III, 1Dx
Nikon: D750, D800, D4, D4s, D610, DF, D7100, D5300

Matin View Finder M-6296 2x

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