The Nest NT-264K Professional Tripod + Ball Head is a professional aluminum tripod made with the latest CNC machining process. This means that the parts are made from a single piece of aluminum. This gives the parts a better fit and provides a greater strength and stability.

Usage NT-264K

Because the ball head is equipped with a 1/4” Male screw you can place almost every accessory on the tripod. The tripod also has a 3/8 male thread, which is located under the ball head and comes out when you unscrew the headset. This gives you a multifunctional product. Within a minute the tripod is ready to use. The NT-264K is equipped with a FLS (flip locking system), which allows you to quickly adjust the height and angle of the tripod legs. The NT-264K is equipped with a spring hook on which a counterweight or camera bag can be hung. Further, the NT-264K has a blue coating and the head equipped with an integrated spirit level. The aluminum alloy used to create the NT-264BK is the same aluminum that is used in the aircraft industry. The NT-264K has a maximum loading capacity is 8 kg.

Nest Tripod NT-264K + Ball Head

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