The Orangemonkie Extension Kit M1200R for Foldio360 can be used when you want to photograph larger products with the Foldio turntable. The extension kit quadruples the surface of the normal turntable. The Foldio360 Extension Kit features a mirrored reflective plate, allowing you to pair the device with your DSLR camera for seamless automatic shooting. To create the perfect background, place the background horizontally behind the turntable, using the magnetic dots on both the background and the Foldio3.

Usage Orangemonkie Extension set M1200R

You can use the Orangemonkie extension set in combination with the Foldio3 mini-studio and the Foldio360 turntable. Optionally you can also use the Orangemonkie LED Lamp Halo Bar. All parts are made of high quality, waterproof plastic. So if there is unexpectedly some dirt on it you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Orangemonkie Extension Kit for Foldio360

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