The M2110R Standalone Halo Bar Kit from Orangemonkie is a complete system to illuminate a product from two sides. You can use it with a Foldio2 or Foldio3 recording tent, but thanks to the supplied power adapter and dimmer, the M2110R kit also works independently. The Halo Bar system consists of two compact LED bars, which you can attach to the Foldio3 using the built-in neodymium magnets. In a single Halo Bar there are 24 LEDs, with a colour temperature of 5700K. This gives just that little bit of extra light for a good picture. The supplied power adapter has an output voltage of 19v.

Usage Halo Bar

When you take product photos or videos of, for example, jewelry or shoes, the halo bar set provides an even, soft lighting. The M2110R kit is also a great addition to the Foldio recording tents and Foldio360 for just that little bit of extra light. On its own, the Foldio3 has enough light for a good quality recording. However, in some situations, for example with products with overhanging parts, it may be desirable to play with the angle of the light. A Halo Bar, for example, can illuminate the underside of a scale model of a car from a lower angle. The colour temperature and LEDs of the Halo Bar are perfectly matched to the Foldio products.

Halo Bar

Orangemonkie Standalone Kit M2110R for Halo Bar

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